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Address: Ebe Hanım Sokak
Nr: 8 Basement Gümüşsuyu
34437 Istanbul / TURKEY

(+90)212 249 48 17 /19
(+90)212 292 08 78
Derneğe Üyelik



The regulation clauses, which determine the membership requirements for Ekoturizm ve Sürdürülebilir Turizm Derneği [Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Association],are below. Those who fulfill the requirements and are ready to work according to the objectives of the association may become a member.
The entrance fee for the membership to the association is 50 TRL for the year 2007. After this price is paid in cash and a membership form has been filled, the registration of membership is fulfilled. The members who fulfill the requirements stated in the regulations may continue their membership as long as they want. The register of the members who do not fulfill the membership requirements is cancelled according to the decision of the board. Each member is obliged to participate in the activities of the association and in the meetings to which they are called, as those enumerated are expected.

For the membership notification you may fill the membership form and send it to the association.

Regulation clauses in regard with the membership:

Clause: 3
The Right to Become a Member and Membership Transactions

Every real and legal person, having legal capacity, who accepts to work in this way, and who befits the requirements anticipated by the legislation by embracing the objectives and the principles of the association, have the right to become a member of the association. However, so that foreign real individuals may become a member, they have to have the right to settle in Turkey as well. For honorary membership this requirement is not expected. The application for membership, which will be made in written to the Association Chairmanship, will be either be accepted or refused by the board of the association in at least thirty days, and the result will be pronounced to the applicant in written. The member whose application is accepted is registered to the record book, of which the records will be kept as to this objective. Permanent members of the association are those, who, together with the founders of the association, are accepted for the membership by the board in response to their application. Those who contributed to the association either materially or immaterially may be accepted through the decision of the board as honorary member. When a branch of the association is opened, the membership records of those registered in the headquarters of the association are transferred to the branches. New membership applications are submitted to branches. Transactions as to the approval of membership and to its cancellation are made by the boards of branches and are pronounced to the headquarters at least in thirty days with a script.
Clause: 4
Each member has the right to leave the association, by notifying it in written. Right at the moment the resignation of the member has reached to the board, the exit transactions are regarded as almost finished. Unsubscribing does not cancel the accrued loans of the member to the association.
Clause: 5
Cancelling Membership

The attitudes which bring about cancelling association membership:
1-Behaving against the regulations of the association,
2-Constantly avoiding tasks given,
3- Not to pay the membership fee within six months despite written warnings,
4-Not to act according to the decisions taken by the bodies of the association.
5-Not being able to fulfill the membership requirements anymore.
Note: It is possible that they may be unsubscribed from membership by a decision of the board in the case of detecting the abovementioned circumstances. Those who unsubscribed or whose membership cancelled are erased from the member record book and they cannot claim upon the assets of the association.



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